Wheel Loaders W130B


Wheel Loaders W130B




The W130B models are equipped with the FPT F4NE96849 electronic motor with 2 modes of operation, guaranteeing performance, economy, high torque, low operating cost, with dry air filter and remote filter with water separator. In the Caña Bagasse version, the prefilter is cyclonic. These models have a modern "max cooler" cooling system with a reversible hydraulic fan, ideal for work in environments where there are suspended particles.



Robust in design, the axles of the W130 are capable of absorbing all the impacts inherent to work. They have crown and pinion, of the hypoid type, proportional torque differential, with automatic anti-slip locking system, in addition to planetary final reductions. The rear axle has vertical oscillation.



The transmission is of the PowerShift type, with an automatic or manual, modulated speed change system, coupled by a single-phase torque converter. This safe, efficient, and easy-to-change transmission ensures the proper torque for operations



The braking system on New Holland loaders is precise, efficient and reliable, offering complete safety even in extreme conditions. It has independent circuits for each axis with nitrogen accumulators that allow the operator to brake the machine in case of engine stop or hydraulic system blackout. Disc and oil bath, this brake system offers high reliability and durability.

Brand and modelFPT F4NE96849
TypeMAR I (Tier III) Diesel, 4-stroke, direct injection, Turbo
Net power (SAE J1349)137 hp (102 kW)
Maximum torque607 Nm a 1.300 rpm
Tension24 V
Alternator120 A
Batteries2 x 12 V (100 Ah)
BombAxial piston and variable flow "Load Sensing"
Peak flow176 L/min
Maximum pressure255 kgf/cm²
DistributorTwo-reel monoblock
Of serviceMulti-disc, in oil bath on all four wheels, with hydraulically assisted control, with independent circuit for each axle.
ParkingDisc, dry, mounted on the transmission output shaft to the front axle. Electric actuation by switch on the panel.

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