Road Roller V110PD


Road Roller V110PD



Productivity and versatility

​​​With  the  largest  drum  thickness  in  the  market  (32mm  while  the average  of  the  main  competitors  is  25mm),  the  New  Holland  V110D/PD  Compactor  guarantees ruggedness, 2 vibration stages for different types of soil, and a sheepsfoot kit for more cohesive soils. With a double drive system (Drum Drive), the V110D/PD easily overcomes sloping terrain. The 37° steering angle offers a short turning radius, making it easier to work in narrower places.​


Safe and easy maintenance

The daily maintenance is a simple task, carried out at ground level. The  one-piece  hood  and  the  engine  compartment  layout  make  it  easy  to  access  the  daily maintenance  and  verification  components.  More  safety  for  the  operator  and  greater  operational availability.​



The FPT 4-cylinder turbocharged Tier III engine is equipped with an after-cooler system and internal EGR that guarantee maximum efficiency, reducing fuel consumption. The Turbine-type pre-filter  system,  guarantees  that  only  clean  air  is  supplied  to  the  engine,  ensuring  its  perfect operation.​


Comfortable and safe for the operator

The  swivel  seat  allows  the  operator  to  rotate  it  90° clockwise,  making  it  easier  to  look  to  the  rear  as  towards  the  drum,  up  ahead,  providing  more comfort and safety. Access to the cab is facilitated with wide steps and robust side handrails that grant even more security. The cab, with ROPS/FOPS protection and air conditioning, is mounted over pads that absorb e minimize the vibrations generated during the operation.​

Operating weight11350 / 12560
Front axle load6560 / 7740
Rear axle load4820 Kg
Static linear load front31 Kg/cm
​Vibration stage2
Amplitude1,8mm / 0,8mm
Centrigufal force26.815kgf
Maximum force applied34.555kgf
Horizontal distance from center of drum to center of tire3003mm
Overall width of the machine2324mm
Rear overhang1560mm
Rear tire diameter1560mm
Drum diameter1500mm
Silencer height from ground level2561mm
Total height of the machine (in transport)3389mm
Ground clearance382mm
Overall length of the machine5557mm
Side overhang87mm
Overall width of the drum32mm
Rear departure angle36




BROCHURE - Road Roller
Size: 2011KB.



SPEC - Road Roller
Size: 328KB.

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