Compact Loader W80C


Compact Loader W80C



Cabin with Comfort and Safety

​​​The Compact Loaders have cabins with a 360º view with almost no interference, allowing you to have full control and safety in your operation. With an elevated driving position, the operator will have the best view in any situation.

​The closed cabin with air conditioning ensures that the operator can work in a controlled environment, regardless of external weather conditions, promoting greater operator comfort, reducing fatigue, and increasing productivity.

With ROPS and FOPS certifications, the cabins of the New Holland Compact Loaders offer greater protection in case of rollover and falling objects or debris, being essential certifications for compliance with safety standards, reducing the risk of serious injuries in case of accidents.

A nearly unobstructed 360-degree view is offered by the newly designed cabin. The elevated driving position and abundance of curved glass within four narrow pillars ensure the best view of any material handler on the market.

Access through the wide-opening glass door is easy and direct. Operators will appreciate the bright and airy space, the fully opening side window, and the low noise levels of 71dB(A). Other comforts include 10 air vents, air conditioning, pneumatic suspension seat, tilt and telescopic steering column, and many useful storage compartments.​​​​


Final Tier IV Engine

​​The Final Tier 4 engines adhere to strict emission standards, reducing the release of pollutants into the environment, complying with environmental regulations, and contributing to sustainability efforts.

The engines also feature enhanced fuel efficiency, reducing fuel consumption, benefiting not only the environment but also optimizing operational and maintenance cos​​​​ts.​


Long-Reach Arm

The long-reach arm increases the equipment's reach, allowing the Compact Loader to access and work in challenging areas, overcoming obstacles with ease, offering versatility in handling loading and unloading materials.​​


Axles with Limited Slip Differential:

​​​Improved Traction: Limited slip differentials distribute torque more effectively between the wheels, providing better traction on uneven or slippery surfaces.

Enhanced Stability: The LSD system helps prevent wheel slip by transferring power to the wheel with better grip. This contributes to improved stability during operation, reducing the likelihood of skidding or getting stuck in challenging conditions.

Optimized Maneuverability: Limited slip differentials allow better control and maneuverability, especially when turning or navigating tight spaces. This feature is beneficial on construction sites or other environments where precise movement is essential.

Reduced Tire Wear: By preventing excessive wheel slip, limited slip differentials reduce tire wear, offering greater cost savings in tire replacement and maintenance.

​Increased Productivity: Better traction and stability enhance productivity, as the equipment operates efficiently in various conditions.​​

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