Graders RG170.B


Graders RG170.B




This device automatically detects faults which may hinder or prevent proper functioning of the ECU. The Go Home allows only one gear to be engaged in each direction, within the appropriate speed limit for that gear. This device is used to prevent the machine from stopping in an inappropriate place, allowing it to be transported to the workshop.​​



The axles of the RG170.B grader were made to ensure robustness and greater ability to transfer power to the ground. The front axle is a welded steel construction with high strength cast parts, offering an ample and constant ground clearance of 580 mm throughout its length, due to its straight-line geometry. The wheel lean, at 15.3°, to the right or to the left, and the oscillation of 20° to each side allows irregularities on the ground to be followed.

The rear axle is made in cast iron, and the tandem structure is built using a welded box profile in steel plates. Both were designed to withstand the most severe conditions. The rear axle is equipped with the Diff Lock system, activated by a switch on the operator console. The oscillation of the tandem is 20° to each side.​​



The hydraulic system is Load and Flow Sensing. Accordingly, the pump only supplies a flow when the operator actuates one of the control levers. When there is no hydraulic demand, the pump consumes minimum power from the engine and the hydraulic system operates cooler, thus reducing fuel consumption.
The RG170.B grader also comes equipped with a closed-center hydraulic distributor, with nine circuit sections, located in a protected location below the operator platform. This allows new accessories to be installed without needing to add hydraulic sections to the distributor​​

Brand and modelFPT 6,7 l TIER 3
DisplacementTipo MAR I (TIER III), Diesel, 4 time options with direct injections
Net power (SAE J1349)193/205/220 hp @ 2.200 rpm
Net maximum torque2.200 rpm
ConstructionSoldered plate
Plate thickness (internal/external)19 mm
Oscillation (to each side)20º
Drive chain pitch angle50,8 mm
Spacing between tandem axles1.572 mm
Voltage24 V
Alternator90 A
Batteries2 x 12V
Starter/PowerDense 24V - 7.8 kW
Fuel tank375 l
Engine cooling system40 l
Hydraulic system158 l



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