Mini Excavator E35D


Mini Excavator E35D




​The New Holland mini excavator offers two cabin options, both with ROPS/FOPS certifications and LED work lights, ensuring greater safety and comfort for the operator.

​Open Cabin: This version provides wide visibility, allowing operators to perform their tasks with greater precision and safety, avoiding obstacles and ensuring efficient work in tight spaces. This model also features easy access for maintenance and repairs, reducing time and costs associated with upkeep, and a lower weight, facilitating transport and mobility.

​​Closed Cabin: The closed version comes with air conditioning and a pneumatic fabric seat, providing greater comfort for the operator, especially in adverse weather conditions. With better insulation, the cabin minimizes the operator's exposure to dust, noise, wind, rain, and other factors, creating a more comfortable working environment, reducing fatigue, and increasing operator productivity.​



​The Kubota Stage V engine equipped in the New Holland mini excavator offers several benefits:

​​Low Emissions Level: The Stage V engine features technology that significantly reduces pollutant emissions, such as fine particles (PM), nitrogen oxides (NOx), hydrocarbons (HC), and carbon monoxide (CO), contributing to environmental compliance.

Energy Efficiency: The Kubota Stage V engine is designed to improve energy efficiency, providing better performance with lower fuel consumption, resulting in lower operational costs.​



The New Holland mini excavator is much more versatile than you might think. With a Hydraulic Quick Coupler​, the operator can change attachments quickly and easily, saving time and increasing productivity. This feature is ideal for operations that require various types of implements, such as hydraulic hammers, shears, compactors, drills, among others.​​



​​​​​​Enhanced Precision: By pivoting the arm laterally, operators can position the arm end more precisely over the desired excavation point, performing tasks that require precision, such as excavations near existing structures or around pipelines.

​Time Savings: Lateral arm pivoting reduces the need to constantly reposition the machine to reach different work areas, resulting in significant time savings during excavation operations and increasing productivity.​

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