Graders RG140.B


Graders RG140.B




This device automatically detects any faults that could limit or prevent the correct operation of the TCU. 

The Go Home feature allows the engagement of just one gear in each direction and within the suitable speed limit for that gear. 

This ​device is important as it prevents the machine becoming stuck in an unsuitable place, enabling its transportation to the



The RG140.B grader’s axles have been built for sturdiness and maximum capacity for transferring power to the ground. 

The front axle is manufactured in a welded steel frame, with high resistance cast iron parts, offering a wide and constant free span of 580 mm along its whole length, due to its straightness. The 12º lateral tilt of the wheels to the right or the left, and the 15º oscillation to each side enable uneven ground to be monitored.
The rear axle is made of cast iron, and the tandem frame is constructed with a ​​​​​​rectangular section welded to steel plates.​ Both have been designed to withstand the most severe strain. It is fitted with a Super Max Trac limited slip differential system, with torque transfer and automatic locking. The tandem oscillation is 20º on each side.​​



​​​​The RG140.B braking system has two circuits, one for each tandem. The brakes are multi-disk, in oil bath, selfadjusting, and have a long service life.

The foot brake is hydraulically servo-assisted and has two nitrogen accumulators, one for each circuit. These accumulators allow the operator to brake the machine if a fault occurs in the hydraulic system or if the diesel engine stops.​​



Gear pump-powered, hydrostatic, orbitrol steering. The steering angle of the front wheels is 42º for both sides and the chassis pivot is 25º to the right or left, which gives a turning radius of 7250 mm.
This small turning radius enables the operator to work in restricted areas more easily and perform operations on winding bends in less time. An auxiliary handle on the steering wheel enables greater agility in maneuvers.​​​



The hydraulic system is load and flow sensing. The pump therefore only
provides flow when the operator activates one of the control levers. When there
is no hydraulic demand, the pump consumes minimal engine power and the
hydraulics run at cooler temperatures, reducing fuel consumption.
The RG140.B grader also comes equipped with a closed center hydraulic
distributor, with nine circuit sections, situated in a protected location below the
operator platform. This enables new accessories to be mounted without the
need to add hydraulic sections to the distributor.​​

Brand and modelFPT 6,7 l TIER 3
DisplacementMAR I (TIER III), Diesel, 4 time options with direct injections
Net power (SAE J1349)150/173 (hp) @ 2.200 rpm
Net maximum torque2.200 rpm
ConstructionSoldered plate
Plate thickness (internal/external)19 mm
Oscillation (to each side)20º
Drive chain pitch angle50,8 mm
Spacing between tandem axles1.572 mm
Voltage24 V
Alternator90 A
Batteries2 x 12 V (100 Ah)
Starter/PowerDense 24V - 7.8 kW
Fuel tank375 l
Engine cooling system40 l
Hydraulic system158 l




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