It is common to find difficulties to keep up to date the maintenance of the machines or you wonder how effective your operators are when using the equipment? Have you already tried coordinating diagnostics on a problem machine, or have you wanted to improve job cost tracking for more competitive pricing?

The Fleetforce New Holland is the hassle-free option, allowing you to browse large volumes of personalized data with measurable numbers and used for your specific needs.
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​​FleetForce is a simple and fast option that offers the information you need about the entire fleet wherever you want to be:​​​

  • Use trends to understand operating characteristics of machines and operators;
  • Take into account the use of machines to ensure productivity;
  • Applies relevant training where necessary, based on the use and effectiveness of the machine;
  • Manage fleet operations more consistently.


The Fleet Force save time and money:

  • Less travel and fewer calls to locate a machine;
  • Identify and reduce excessive downtime, to save money on fuel;
  • It transforms the working hours of the machines into productive hours;
  • It is possible to use for prevention and recovery in case of thefts;
  • Planned maintenance resulting in lower cost of repairs;
  • Automatic alerts to identify problems before they cause failures;
  • Helps to reduce machine downtime, whether planned or unplanned;
  • You can reduce costs with insurance;
  • There is no need to call operators or other officials to check the hour meter of the machines;
  • Faster and more accurate job tracking and cost;
  • Pre-scheduled reports to help you quickly analyze where efficiency can be increased;
  • Know the position and situation of each machine in the fleet with just one click.


Receive all the information you need about the fleet through the discreet integrated hardware.


Two comprehensive package options to choose the one that best fits your needs. Fleetforce collects and stores data for 18 months.


  • Fleet management: provides hour-of-use and machine location reporting tools for fleet analysis.
  • Planned maintenance: Allows you to keep up to date the information on the engine operating hours and plan maintenance.
  • Security: Allows you to define functions such as motion detection, CurFew alert (curfew) and GeoFance (electronic geographic fence) on machines.
  • Analysis and usage reports: provides an overview of machine downtime, travel time and usage reports.
  • Basic Subscription: uses essential inputs from the ignition switch contact, motion detection, and GPS tracking to secure a range of information and reports.



  • All items of the basic package.
  • Performance analysis:  helps you load and identify various trends.
  • Fuel information and reports:  allows monitoring of fuel use with rate and consumption data.
  • Machine status parameters:  offers crucial information such as temperature, pressure, motor rotation and alert for parameters outside the operating range.
  • Advanced Subscription: ​​​ adds personalized control data and exclusive information, not found in other telemetry systems, via our CAN-bus data.

Dealer support

You can count on excellent customer service from your New Holland dealer. By combining the dealer's knowledge of the machines with what you have learned about the FleetForce application, you are sure to have increased efficiency and productivity.

​​​​​​​Find your dealer and ask all your questions FleetForce and FleetGrade. ​​​​​​​​​


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