Do you ever have trouble keeping up the maintenance of machines or wonder how their operators are effective using the equipment? Have you tried to coordinate diagnostics on a machine with problems or wanted to improve monitoring of labor costs to be more competitive prices?

The Fleetforce New Holland is the hassle-free option, which allows you to examine large volumes of custom data with measurable and usable numbers for your specific needs.
The benefits of FleetForce include:

Increased production ​

  • The sensor functions allow you to know the difference between idle time and actual work time of your equipment, which allows effectively measure productivity. This information will help you deal with any problems, reducing fuel costs, maintenance and property.

Simplified maintenance​​​

  • Avoids laborious manual data collection techniques defining automatic maintenance alerts for any interval. The FleetForce will prevent errors while keeping your healthy and productive machine.​

    Reliable security​​​

    • Protect your fleet with GeoFrance and the curfew and Motion Detection. FleetForce also facilitates the tracking and recovery of machinery, helping to significantly reduce the cost of theft.​​

      Accurate control of costs​

      • The FleetForce provides accurate and detailed daily information on the operating time of machines, saving your time and money.

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