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Telemetry is the integrated use of telecommunications and informatics. The hardware module collects the data of machine systems and transmits the information to be analyzed remotely.

Yes. The data collected by the machine, by the GPS satellites and the Smart Fleet system is transmitted through the mobile network to New Holland FleetForce Portal. If you or the machines are out of reach of the mobile network, the information will be stored and sent later when the network is available.

Yes to both: you can buy a FleetForce kit for all your current and older models. And for machines of competition, just purchase the universal installation kit from your Dealer.

Yes. Subscription plans can be updated at any time by the New Holland dealer through the Parts Department.

You can access the portal from any computer or tablet with Internet connection. The dealer who sells you the FleetForce is responsible to provide you with the initial access to the portal, enabling and providing your connection credentials.

You can use it without training; but if you want to, you can find help and online tutorials in FleetForce Portal, as well as Youtube channel and other sources.

Our New Holland dealers are always the most direct line of support for the equipment or functions. Customers can also call for New Holland assistance to consumers or by e-mail:suportefleetforce@newholland.com

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