MiniExcavators E37C


MiniExcavators E37C



More power, more productivity and more value

A comfortable operator is a safe and productive operator. All models have excellent ergonomics, with all main controls in easy-to-reach positions. The joysticks allow the operator to choose his preferred method of working with the main functions of the excavator, allowing operating positions either with the fist or with the palm of the hand.


Smooth control, powerful performance

The efficient conversion of engine power to hydraulic power supports the efficiency of New Holland mini excavators. All models have 3 separate pumps that offer superior performance when traveling or using the bulldozer blade, during excavation work or when handling hydraulic attachments.


Excellent stability, maximum traction

Highly versatile, New Holland mini excavators have powerful traction alongside a low center of gravity for stability on difficult terrain. The bulldozer blade, which descends offering more stability during excavation, has excellent geometry for leveling and earth moving.

Brand and model
Net power (SAE J1349)
Total flow (l / min)
System relief pressure
Transport length (mm)
Transport width (mm)
Height to top of cab (mm)
Rear turning radius (mm)
Front turning radius (mm)
Sheet - Width / Height (mm)
Operating weight (kg)

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