Mini Excavators


Mini Excavators


New Holland mini excavators have a capacity range from 1.7 to 6.0 tons (1542 to 5443 kg). With canopy, cab, and zero tail swing versions to choose from, there is a model suited for any job. Leverage a New Holland mini excavator for landscaping, amenity work, agriculture, horticulture, nurseries, vineyards, estate management, and general contracting. Other applications include irrigation and drainage construction, fence work, temporary building construction, and crop support.

Designed to work long days, each model has class-leading excavation performance with the flexibility to power a wide range of attachments, including hydraulically powered attachments like soil augers, hammers and compactors. New Holland mini excavators display powerful versatility with the strength of a larger machine.

All models have three separate pumps to deliver enhanced performance, perfect for traveling between job sites, using the dozer blade, or working with the excavator. Need more? For the most demanding auxiliary attachments, a fourth pump option is available on the largest E57C and E60C models.



    The efficient conversion of engine power into hydraulic muscle lies behind the efficiency of New Holland mini-excavators. All models have three separate pumps to deliver optimized performance when traveling between sites or using the dozer blade, when working with the excavator and when driving hydraulic attachments. For demanding auxiliary attachments, a fourth pump option is available for the E57C and E60C.

    To ensure smooth operation, valves control the flow of oil as the rams are fully extended and retracted, automatically providing a cushion effect to smooth the operation of all key functions. This reduces shock loads transferred to the machine and operator, reducing fatigue. This feature is further enhanced by the inclusion of an accumulator within the hydraulic circuit.

    To further boost performance, the E57C and E60C have hydraulic flow summation. This advanced system delivers the enhanced proportional control typically restricted to high-capacity excavators exceeding 20-ton capacity.

    Cushioned rams for:

    • Smoother operation
    • Greater operator comfort
    • Reduced machine wear

    Hydraulic accumulator delivers:

    • Cushioned shock loads
    • Oil leak compensation
    • Vibration damping
    • Emergency hydraulic function

    Separate oil pumps deliver:

    • Cooler running
    • Greater efficiency
    • Faster hydraulic response
    • Dedicated flow to meet demand
    • Fourth pump option E57C and E60C

    New Holland mini excavators are compliant with Stage V emission regulations and employ different after-treatment technologies to achieve this. Each model has a power unit selected to match the excavator's size and capacity, ensuring optimized performance and fuel economy. To further enhance economy, the E37C, E57C and E60C are fitted with auto-idle.


    New Holland mini-excavators have powerful traction combined with a low center of gravity for stability across difficult terrain. The dozer blade, which is lowered for stability when excavating, features excellent geometry for leveling and grading. Dependent upon model, there are four choices of track design. The E17C also features hydraulic variable track width.

    All models now feature Auto Shift Down on the move gear changing. On steep inclines, the two-speed drive can be set to automatically default into low range to maintain forward speed with no input from the operator.


    A comfortable operator is a safe and productive operator. All models have excellent ergonomics, with all key controls positioned for easy access. The shape of the joysticks enables the operator to choose their preferred method of working the key excavator functions, allowing both gripped and palm-down operating positions. The armrests adjust to deliver the required level of support and the foot pedals on the more compact models fold to increase floor space. Getting in and out of the machine is eased by the left side console tilting back out of the way, locking the hydraulics at the same time to prevent accidental operation.

    • All controls are within easy reach
    • Joysticks positioned for ease of use
    • Safety lock prevents exit while hydraulic controls are live

    A mini excavator is far more versatile than you think. With the right attachment, these machines can be used for a wide and diverse range of duties from fence and temporary crop support erection to hedge and verge cutting. Powering demanding attachments via high constant hydraulic flow is a key New Holland advantage. The range of attachments for mini excavators continues to increase, further increasing future versatility.


    Slim frame pillars ensure excellent all-around visibility with a good view of the boom and dipper. These machines can be operated with absolute precision for minimal disruption when working in a confined area or between valuable crops such as in a vineyard, nursery or orchard.

    New Holland E15X and E17C mini excavators are fitted with a canopy only, while the E26C, E30C and E37C are offered with a choice of canopy or full cab. The E57C and E60C are cab only. All variants are ROPS roll-over (with the exception of E17C), TOPS tip-over and FOPS falling-object compliant to ISO standards. Low noise and vibration levels ensure extended work periods can be undertaken in comfort with no compromise in operator safety.


    Preparing a New Holland mini excavator for work takes less time. Routine maintenance tasks are simplified, with all key check and service points grouped together. For secure transport on a trailer, easy access lashing points are fitted.


    Mini Excavators are supported by the New Holland Top Service program. Dedicated logistics and resourcing teams work hand-in-hand with your New Holland dealer to get you expedited parts and service solutions. See your New Holland dealer for more details. Some exclusions or limitations may apply.


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E15X Mini Excavator Specifications

E15X Mini Excavator Specifications

E15X Mini Excavator - Rescue Sheet

E15X Mini Excavator - Rescue Sheet

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