Compact Track Loaders


Compact Track Loaders


The New Holland 300 Series is built around you with reliable engines that deliver a more powerful performance while using less fuel than previous models. They are durable, easy to maintain and work hard to reduce your operating costs. Three different auxiliary hydraulics packages give maximum versatility. Offering class-leading space, comfort and ergonomics, the cab also provides excellent all-round visibility and reduced blind spots.



    The revised 300 Series range delivers comfort and performance in a compact package:

    • Compact dimensions – under 6.5 ft high and just over 5 ft wide on the smallest model
    • Excellent stability and weight distribution maximize performance and safety
    • All-round visibility ensures high maneuverability and faster work cycles
    • The Comfort Deluxe Cab features excellent ergonomics and best-in-class comfort
    • The new color display features an integrated reversing camera
    • Wheels or tracks, Super Boom® or Radial Lift - the choice is yours
    • Choose simple mechanical or smooth electro-hydraulic controls offering advanced settings

    New Holland compact track loaders can operate loads ranging from 2700 lbs to 6200 lbs (1225—2812 kg) and lift heights from 9.35 ft to 11 ft (2.85—3.35 m). As these machines will be used in a wide variety of applications, versatility remains top of mind with New Holland engineering. Whether you are handling bales, sweeping yards, feeding your cattle in winter or snow-blowing, you’ve found your perfect farming partner. You can boost your productivity with fast cycle times resulting from perfect balance, excellent stability and powerful hydraulic systems.


    With greater headroom and legroom, the Comfort Deluxe Cab offers up to 25% more internal width than the competition. New features include a color display with an integrated rear camera, improved joystick controls to reduce thumb fatigue, Bluetooth® radio and a USB port to charge mobile devices. 300 Series loaders also provide automatic straight-line tracking (on electro-hydraulic models only) to improve productivity and precision when working with a trencher or cold planer.


    The New Holland compact track loader range meets the demands of customers who need to travel on soft or uneven surfaces while maintaining stability and traction. Featuring two radial lifts and three Super Boom® models, the heavy-duty track units give you the confidence to travel across soft fields or on hilly and steep terrain, without compromising on safety. The long flat track profile is also beneficial in mowing, grading and leveling applications as the machine is less likely to pitch fore or aft.


    New Holland 300 Series compact track loaders comply with Tier 4A and Tier 4B regulations, cutting emissions levels with over 90% less particulate matter (PM) and 50% less nitrogen oxide (NOx) than the previous generation. When you don’t need the full power of the machine, the variable flow hydraulic pump only uses the power required, leading to significant fuel savings and reduced operating noise.

    • Diesel PM (particulate matter) Catalyst traps the residual particulate contained in the exhaust gas of the engine.
    • Cooled Exhaust Gas Recirculation (CEGR) process is now controlled electronically to achieve greater performance and fuel efficiency, as well as even greater reliability - for example, to help protect the engine from overheating.
    • The externally cooled Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) system ensures efficient air handling and high engine power density with the shortest load response time.
    • The Diesel Oxidation Catalyst (DOC) utilizes a chemical process to break down pollutants from diesel engines in the exhaust stream, turning them into less harmful components. DOC does not require regeneration and it is a maintenance-free component.
    • The Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) physically traps particulate matter from the engine exhaust. Electronic controls will trigger an automatic regeneration of the DPF system. Additionally, the system can notify the machine operator to manually regenerate the DPF system occasionally when the soot load in the DPF exceeds the range defined for automatic regeneration.

    New Holland compact track loaders do a lot more than lift and load. Take a look at the wide array of attachments and you’ll quickly see how the versatility of these machines can make you more productive.


    Easy access makes daily service and maintenance that much easier. All daily service points are grouped together, and all major service points can be easily reached by flipping the cab forward.

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Skid Steer & Compact Track Loaders - Brochure

Skid Steer & Compact Track Loaders - Brochure

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