New Holland's E26C compact dimensions and digging capabilities combine power and versatility to seize every moment of your work day. Designed for day-long performance, this mini excavator has class-leading excavation talent with the adaptability to support a wide range of attachments.

Gross HP
24.8 HP (18.4 kW)
Operating Weight - Cab/Canopy
5,850 lbs (2655 kg) / 5,520 lbs (2505 kg)
Max Digging Depth - Std/Long Arm
7 ft 11 in (2420 mm) / 8 ft 8 in (2645 mm)
Max Dump Height- Std/Long Arm
9 ft 7 in (2930 mm) / 9 ft 11 in (3030 mm)



    The​​​ 24.8 HP (18.5 kW) engine provides plenty of power to the load-sensing hydraulics for a smooth and efficient operation in this compact and easily transportable package, measuring 8 ft 2 in (2500 mm) in height and 13 ft 3 in (4030 mm) in overall transport length. 

    Slim frame posts ensure excellent all-round visibility, with good views of the boom and dipper. When working in a confined area, in urban areas, or between valuable crops such as in a vineyard, nursery or an orchard, you can operate a New Holland compact excavator with absolute precision for minimal disruption. 


    Specify your C Series compact excavator with the arm length to best suit your requirements. Length on the E26C standard digging arm measures up to 3 ft 8 in (1.12 m) and 4 ft 5 in (1.35 m) with the long arm. 

    The standard arm yields 7 ft 11 in (2420 mm) of maximum digging depth and gets a maximum 8 ft 8 in (2645 mm) below surface with the long arm. With all this muscle, plus 3280 lbf (14.5 kN) of standard arm digging force, the E26C will quickly become your partner in productivity. 


    The standard arm on the E26C provides a maximum 9 ft 7 in (2930 mm) of dump height and 4740 lbf (21 kN) in bucket breakout force. If your operation requires a greater dump height, opt for the optional long arm that gets up to 9 ft 11 in (3030 mm) in maximum dump height.

    In addition, the available Object Handling Kit allows you to raise heavy, suspended loads using a lifting hook on the bucket linkage.


    The E26C has a left swing angle of 75 degrees and a right swing angle of 50 degrees. A larger left swing angle improves visibility to the side of the door for a more precise operation. Ample boom swing angles allow for efficient parallel digging, good for working alongside obstacles. Plus, forgoing the need to reposition the machine means you can complete the job faster. 

    Boom pivot pins are secured by plate and bolt to reduce lateral movement and provide reliable performance in tough conditions. Plus, the pins give way to a long service life and lower whole-life operating costs. 


    A variety of Control Modes allows you to operate a New Holland compact excavator with absolute precision for minimal disruption.

    Control Modes (joystick sensitivity):

    • Precision – Slower ramp rate for slow and precise movements
    • Normal – Standard joystick sensitivity for normal operations
    • Productivity – Faster ramp rate for rapid/dynamic movements
    • Individual – Sensitivity fully customizable to operator’s preferences

    Powering demanding attachments is a key New Holland advantage. With the right attachment, New Holland's excavators can be used for a diverse range of jobs from fence installation to concrete breaking. Job site versatility is bound to soar with the added advantage of high constant hydraulic flow and quick coupler.

    The Hydraulic Quick Coupler allows for hands-free coupling and release of buckets. Plus, safely swap between large, heavy attachments. Mechanical quick lock attachment brackets are also available.


    New Holland's E26C compact excavator can be fitted with either a canopy or full cab. The cab carries a 5,850 lb (2655 kg) operating weight and a 5,520 lb (2505 kg) operating weight on the canopy with rubber tracks, full fuel tank, operator and bucket. Additionally, the E26C is TOPS (tip-over), FOPS (falling-object) and ROPS (roll-over) compliant to protect the precious cargo inside. Low noise and vibration levels, an adjustable suspension seat, adaptable wrist rests and Bluetooth® radio* ensure you can work for extended periods in comfort with no compromise in operator safety. 

    Further improve productivity and reduce downtime with simplified daily checks when all key check and service points are grouped together. Plus, every New Holland Mini Excavator will come with New Holland Fleetforce™ Telematics and advanced data subscription.

    *Bluetooth® radio available on cab units only.


View documents for additional product details and specifications. 

E26C Mini Excavator Specifications

E26C Mini Excavator Specifications

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