What is telematics?

Telematics is the integrated use of telecommunications and informatics. The hardware module collects data from a machine’s systems and transmits the information over the air so it can be reviewed remotely.

Does FleetForce telematics provide coverage throughout the US and Canada?

Yes. New Holland has partnered with leading cellular providers in North America including AT&T, T-Mobile and Rogers Wireless that use GSM cellular communications to provide coverage. If a cell signal is not available, the device collects and stores your data then forwards it when the network is available. Add-on satellite coverage will soon be available to further expand the potential of FleetForce.

Can New Holland FleetForce telematics be retrofitted to existing or older New Holland machines? What about competitive machines, or even attachments?

Yes. A universal Dealer Install kit will be available.

Can a Fleet Force subscription for a machine be upgraded from Basic to Advanced or for a longer period of time?

Yes. Subscription plans can be upgraded at any time.

How can you access your fleet and machine data from FleetForce?

You can access your information directly from the FleetForce internet portal, using an internet connection from a PC or Mac or tablet computer. Alternatively, you can rely on your New Holland dealer to monitor your machines and provide you with reports.

What training is required to use FleetForce?

Training isn’t mandatory, but help menus and tutorials are available online, as well as our YouTube channel and other sources.

How do customers get support on using telematics or
the FleetForce portal?

Our New Holland dealers are always the most direct line of support for the equipment or features. Customers can also call New Holland Customer Assistance, 888-365-6423.

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