With 3 key components, FleetForce gives you a more comprehensive system that others don’t measure up to.


Receive all the information you need about your fleet through the seamlessly integrated hardware.


With the choice of two extensive packages, you can choose which one fits your individual needs. FleetForce will collect and store your data for 18 months.

Basic Plan

  • Fleet Management offers machine location and machine hour reporting tools to provide a fleet breakdown
  • Planned Maintenance allows you to stay current on engine hours information and schedule maintenance
  • Security allows you to set up features such as machine geo-fencing, curfew alerting and motion detection
  • Utilization Analysis & Reporting provides an overview of idle time, travel time and machine utilization reports.

  • Advanced subscription

  • Performances Analysis helps you to load and identify various trends
  • Fuel Information & Reporting allows you to track fuel use with accurate fuel rate and consumption data
  • Machine Health Parameters provides crucial information such as temperatures, pressures, engine speed, and alerts for out-of-range parameters.

  • Dealer Support

    You can count on excellent customer service from your New Holland dealer. Combining their machinery knowledge along with your newly learned FleetForce application understanding, you’re sure to see an increase in efficiency and productivity.

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