CNH Industrial Capital

CNH Industrial Capital


Financing built around your business

When the time comes to lease or purchase new or used equipment, you need the right financial package for your business.
Are you concerned about cash flow or managing your balance sheet?
CNH Industrial Capital has the right solution for you.

With more than 50 years of equipment financing expertise, CNH Industrial Capital understands your business. A partner with your New Holland dealer, CNH Industrial Capital can support your success with affordable leasing or financing built around your needs.

An operating lease helps you acquire the machine you need, when you need it, while optimizing your balance sheet.

A rent-to-own purchase gives you immediate ownership of the machine and enables you to leverage the fiscal benefits of leasing. Base the length of the contract on your usage of the machine.

A finance lease offers you flexibility and fiscal benefits. Lease the machine at a competitive rental rate, with the option of completing the purchase at the end of your lease.

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