The W70C is among the new advanced C series machines leading the 2024 expansion of New Holland Construction's compact wheel loaders lineup. Even though compact is in the name, the W70C is engineered to elevate efficiency, productivity and comfort for operators and owners, regardless of the job site or task. Featuring soaring-speeds and higher transmission options, customers can expect the W70C to tackle the same jobs as preceding compact wheel loader models do with increased horsepower and performance. 

Gross HP
74 HP (55 kW)
Operating Weight
12,504 lbs (5672 kg)
Cab Height
103 in (2627 mm)
Hinge Pin Height
10 ft 9 in (3290 mm)



    All New Holland compact wheel loaders are designed to deliver greater stability, letting you lift and move bigger loads, operate with more confidence, and travel more smoothly even in tough conditions. When moving material from stockpiles to trucks or around the jobsite, the Auto Ride control option provides a more comfortable ride on rough ground with less load spilling and wear and tear. It engages automatically when ground speed reaches 2.5 mph and automatically disengages at slower speeds for loading and unloading. Ideal for tasks such as plowing snow and cold planing, the high-flow option with creep speed provides maximum hydraulic flow at a constant speed up to 3.4 mph (5.5 km/h). For greater control and performance, optional creep speed allows the operator to set the engine’s rpm independent of ground speed.


    Adjust and fine-tune operation to the way you work and increase operator comfort in all jobs. Electro-hydraulic controls on cab and ROPS platform models provide more loader control, letting you increase control of the bucket and boom, whether separately or in combined movement. 

    The Z-Bar is a rugged, simple design is ideal for high-production load-and-carry applications, like moving and setting drainage pipe or stacking landscape timbers. A solid compact frame provides tighter turning radius, better clearance into barns and outbuildings, and better maneuverability on constricted job-sites and narrow feed passageways, while the Z-bar linkage provides stronger breakout force for the toughest jobs.

    Improve control of the machine during inching, making even it easier to get into optimum position on the jobsite. Optimize vehicle-direction inversion (smoothness vs. quickness). The rear axle on the C series oscillates to a maximum angle of 20 degrees, allowing the rear wheels to maintain contact with the ground in undulating terrain. This system  enhances overall safety and load retention.


    Electro-hydraulic controls on cab and ROPS platform models provide more loader control, letting you increase control of the bucket and boom, whether separately or in combined movement. Adjust operation to the way you work and increase operator comfort in all jobs with improved control of the machine during inching, making it easier to get into optimum position.

    The inch & brake pedal progressively disengages the transmission in the decelerating phase while progressively engaging the brakes, allowing power to be diverted to the loaders hydraulics without disconnecting the drive yet still maintaining constant engine rpm. Optional Creep Speed allows the operator to independently set engine RPM and ground speed for greater control and performance with various attachments.


    C Series loaders are compatible with more than 250 buckets, forks, brooms, augers, rakes, grapples, snow accessories, bale spears and other New Holland Construction attachments, including New Holland Construction compact track loader and skid steer loader attachments. New Holland Construction also has partnerships with numerous attachment manufacturers to give you even greater versatility. 

    Skid steer style coupler and auxiliary hydraulic connections make attachment hookups fast and easy.


    New Holland Construction believes operator comfort boosts productivity on the job site. That's why all C Series loaders offer a roomy ROPS/FOPS-certified cab with a spacious width of nearly 5 feet. It’s fully sealed and pressurized to keep out noise, dust and fumes, and offers a standard HVAC climate control system to keep you operating at peak performance.

    Almost unobstructed 360 degree vision is offered in the newly designed cab. The elevated driving position and curved glass within four narrow pillars ensure the best view of any materials handler on the market. Access via the wide opening glass door is easy and straight forward, operators will appreciate the bright airy space, fully opening side window and low noise levels of 71dB(A). 

    Further comforts include 10 air vents, air conditioning, air suspended seat, tilting and telescopic steering column and the many useful storage compartments. All instruments and controls are positioned on the operators right side and include an electro hydraulic multi-function joystick, with forward and reverse controls.


    New Holland compact wheel loader models feature an upgraded 7 inch display that provides clear access to all major machine functions and system controls. The all-in-one electro-hydraulic joystick allows operators to control bucket and loader arm functions seamlessly. 

    New Holland Construction's FleetForce™ Telematics system offers detailed information about your machine with just a few clicks of a button, making you more efficient, productive and profitable. This technology empowers you with the knowledge to make positive changes in fleet management, in how your crews work and in the total cost of ownership of your equipment. Whether monitoring one machine or 50 — whether going at it alone or with the help of your dealer — FleetForce™ gives you insight into your equipment that is sure to improve your operation.


    C Series models feature an advanced 3.4 liter, 4-cylinder, Tier 4 Final F5H engine developed in house by sister company FPT Industrial, who pioneered low emission, high efficiency solutions for on and off-road applications. This engine delivers high power and low fuel consumption with very low maintenance requirements. In addition, thanks to the maintenance-free Tier 4 Final emissions solution, the end result is high performance and reduced total cost of ownership.

    A Diesel Oxidation Catalyst (DOC) is used in order to meet Tier 4 Final emissions. The DOC converts pollutants present in the exhaust stream to harmless substances such as carbon dioxide and water. Plus, there is a maintenance free after treatment system and no need for Def Fluid. No regeneration, no expensive filters to replace and no extreme exhaust temperatures give you time back in your day and money back in your pocket.


View documents for additional product details and specifications. 

C Series Compact Wheel Loaders Main Features

C Series Compact Wheel Loaders Main Features

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