W50C Tool Carrier

New Holland C Series compact wheel loaders are the right tool for the tough jobs you do every day. Even though compact is in the name, the W50C Tool Carrier (TC) loader delivers big power, high performance, and outstanding stability. Dependable engine and hydraulic power and an array of attachments give you all the tools to efficiently scrape, grade, and haul to the finish line. These machines are ready to work when you are.

Gross HP
58 HP (43 kW)
Operating Weight
10,913 lbs (4950 kg)
Cab Height
97 in (2458 mm)
Hinge Pin Height
10 ft 2 in (3113 mm)



    On model W50C TC, New Holland parallel linkage provides a precise and parallel lift path that eliminates manual correction, allowing the operator to focus on load placement instead of leveling. The result: faster job completion, especially when using a forklift.

    Model W50C TC provides a maximum of 9,4104 lbf (4104 kgF) in breakout force and yields 5 in (126 mm) of digging depth. Plus, lofty lifting capacities of 5,542 lb (2514 kg) at full height, 6,140 lbs (2785 kg) at maximum reach, and 6,614 lbs (3000 kg) on ground.


    Exceptional maneuverability and a tighter turning radius are essential on equipment operating on small jobsites and in constricted spaces. With this in mind, the W50C TC was designed to compactly conquer due to its reduced machine length of 204 in (5219 mm), machine width of 69 in (1740 mm) and operating height measuring up to 154 in (1400 mm).

    A lower center of gravity and the 82 in (2075 mm) wheelbase increase stability on New Holland compact wheel loaders so you can lift and move larger loads, travel smoothly and quickly, and operate with more confidence.


    With 58 gross HP (43 kW) and 181 ft-lb (245 N⋅m) of peak torque @1400 rpm on hand, New Holland compact wheel loader W50C TC helps you work faster and more productively. Plus, New Holland compact wheel loaders offer a maintenance-free Tier 4 final solution.

    No maintenance means no regeneration, no expensive replacement filters, no extreme exhaust temperatures and no after-treatment fluids. That being said, these engines provide power needed to tackle challenging jobs and technology to maximize fuel efficiency and reduce emissions.

    When servicing is required, A tilt-up hood, ground-level access to maintenance points and long service intervals reduce the time your operators spend on routine maintenance tasks. Radiator, filters, hydraulics, oil cooler, engine — they’re all easily accessible.


    Whether you choose a compact wheel loader with a comfortable cab or an economical ROPS platform, you’ll enjoy electro-hydraulic controls that increase bucket and boom control and provide easy vehicle-inching capability. The inch and brake pedal allows constant engine rpm power to be diverted to the loader’s hydraulics without disconnecting the drive. The hydrostatic transmission provides precise speed control with minimum shifting, so operators can focus on the task at hand.

    Electro-hydraulic controls provide more loader control, letting you:

    • Increase control of the bucket and boom, whether separately or in combined movement
    • Take more control over bucket-shake performance
    • Adjust and fine-tune operation to the way you work and increase operator comfort in all jobs
    • Improve control of the machine during inching, making it easier to get into optimum position on the jobsite
    • Take advantage of electro-hydraulic lift/tilt for even more operation proficiency
    • Optimize vehicle-direction inversion (smoothness vs. quickness)

    C Series compact wheel loaders are compatible with a full line of buckets, attachments and accessories available from New Holland and numerous third-party manufacturers. Whether you need a broom for landscaping, a dozer blade to move snow, or a bucket for concrete work, your New Holland dealer can help you source the right tool.

    Waste no time and avoid the elements by quickly switching attachments from the comfort of the cab, thanks to an integrated hydraulic quick-coupler.

    Click here to shop genuine New Holland Attachments & Buckets.


    All New Holland compact wheel loaders are designed to deliver greater stability, letting you lift and move bigger loads, operate with more confidence, and travel more smoothly even in tough conditions.

    When moving material from stockpiles to trucks or around the jobsite, the Auto Ride control option provides a more comfortable ride on rough ground with less load spilling and wear and tear. It engages automatically when ground speed reaches 2.5 mph and automatically disengages at slower speeds for loading and unloading.

    Ideal for tasks such as plowing snow and cold planing, the high-flow option with creep speed provides maximum hydraulic flow at a constant speed up to 3.4 mph (5.5 km/h). For greater control and performance, optional creep speed allows the operator to set the engine’s RPM independent of ground speed.

    Complete the package with a front electrical socket and case drain. The return-to-dig option quickly returns the bucket to the dig position after dumping, so you’re always ready for the next operation.


    The cab on a C Series compact wheel loader packs more comfort and ease of operation into every inch. The design incorporates spacious dimensions with natural, ergonomic controls to keep you working comfortably and productively all day long. Wide steps provide easy entry and exit. The seat, steering column and armrest are adjustable, and the standard LCD display puts information just where you want it. A high-performance heater/defroster is standard. Add optional air-conditioning for operator comfort on the hottest working days.


View documents for additional product details and specifications.

Compact Wheel Loaders - Brochure

Compact Wheel Loaders - Brochure

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