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Things you should know when you buy a New Holland Construction product from someone other than an authorised Dealer.

    If you are considering purchasing a New Holland Construction Product from anyone other than an Authorised Dealer, please take the time to read the information below on the New Holland Construction policy in relation to what may be referred to in the market as one of the following:
  • Grey Import
  • Parallel Import
  • Transient Unit
  • Migrating Machine.
  • What do these terms refer to? In most cases these are genuine products manufactured by New Holland Construction, but not distributed into the market through authorised channels.

    The internet technology has allowed communication and information to be available on a global basis, creating opportunities for consumers, manufacturers, and retailers alike through on-line purchasing and e-commerce.

    New Holland Construction enjoys the opportunity this provides to share information about the products and services our company and brands offer with you, our valued customer.

    What’s the risk with these imported products? Having access to product on a worldwide basis needs to be weighed up against the potential for customer dissatisfaction when the product and its support system are designed for specific regional market conditions. Sometimes machinery designed for, and marketed in, a specific area of the world finds its way to another.

    While it may appear on the surface that a machine available in one area is identical to that machine in another, there often are significant differences. Cultural, legal and customer requirements have a direct impact on the development of product offerings and features in different areas of the world.

    Dealer access to technical information, unique parts and components, and familiarity with servicing the product may be limited or unavailable for a machine not originally intended for distribution in their market. Customers who purchase these products can run the risk of increased downtime due to some, or all of these factors, should a repair be needed.

    When New Holland Construction sells into a particular market directly and through its authorised distribution channels it ensures
    1. Compliance with all local laws and regulations requiring specific product features for that market.
    2. Climatic and geographic conditions in that market are embraced and contemplated in the selection of product features and operational instructions that go with the product being distributed into that market.

    Other markets may have significantly different requirements. Customers who purchase a migrated machine may be operating a unit that does not meet their local legislated requirements, or that lacks other features designed into products intended for sale in their own areas.

    New Holland Construction product warranty only applies when a unit is sold through authorised channels into the intended market it was originally manufactured for. Warranty does not apply if the unit migrates to another market, however repair may be carried out by an authorised Dealer at full retail cost to the customer upon their request.

    New Holland Construction and its Dealers value our customers’ safety and satisfaction. We also recognise your need to make the right business decisions for your operation. We intend to deliver the right product, in the right place, with the highest level of customer and product support. Your local New Holland Construction Dealer is best equipped and ready to provide you best levels of support available on the products designed for, and marketed in, the area.

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