Compact Excavators - D-Series E50D


Compact Excavators - D-Series E50D

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​VERSATILE AND EXCEPTIONALLY PRODUCTIVE.

Suiting applications from track, irrigation and drainage scheme construction ​and maintenance through to fencing, temporary building creation and crop support erection, New Holland mini crawler excavators have a operating weight range from 1.2 to 6 tonnes.

By offering a line which covers the whole mini excavator category, the new D-series answers all your needs. With a choice of 10 models, there is one for every application across landscaping, amenity work, agriculture, horticulture, nurseries, vineyards, estate management and general contracting.

The new D-series mini excavators are designed to work efficiently in every condition, outperforming the competition in terms of dump clearance and maximum reach. All models feature a compact tail design allowing work in the tightest spaces.

Small in size. Big on performance. Huge in versatility.
Compact dimensions enable New Holland mini excavators to access and work in confined spaces. Yet those dimensions are matched to high performance that will impress you. Designed for day-long working, each model has class-leading excavation performance with the versatility to power a wide range of attachments.​​​​

​​​​​ ​​​

Extremely silent

Extremely silent and powerful Stage V engines allow for work in the most challenging conditions. Not only do these models excel in terms of engine power and torque, but they are also extremely silent thanks to the hydraulic fan-drive cooling system. The fan speed is electronically controlled, so that heat exchange is optimised while noise level is kept to a minimum, since fan rotation speed is adjusted depending on the real time cooling needs. The fan can even rotate in inverted direction, enabling to keep radiators clean at all times. An efficient cooling system contributes to keeping fluid properties within parameters, maximising machine component life.​​​


Embedded innovation

​​The 7” multicolour display allows customisation of several parameters, including flow rate settings for the auxiliary circuits, the fan drive automatic reversal interval, the auto-idle, sensitivity of the controls, the cab ventilation and many others. The display also acts as a selfdiagnostic tool, reminding the operator when maintenance is due and keeping machine health parameters under control at all times.​​


Easy maintenance

​​As on all the smaller models of the D-series, E50D and ​E58D have been designed to allow quick maintenance tasks: the engine hood, the radiator cover, the rear cover, the distributor guard and the fuse compartment guard can all easily be removed or opened, granting perfect accessibility to all service components. What’s more, the cab can easily be tilted forward, providing maximum accessibility to all machine components.​​​

TypePerkins 404J-E22T - Stage V
Max. Power (2200rpm) [kW/hp(CV)]45/60.3
Displacement (cm³)2216
Number of cylinders (n°)4
Consumption (l/h)7.1
Alternator V (Ah)12 (85)
Battery V (Ah)12 (100)
Pump type1 LS hydraulic variable pump with electronic control + 1 gear pump
Pump displacement (cm³)65 + 14.5
Pump capacity (l/min)129 + 28.8
Max. circuit calibration pressure (bar)280
Auxiliary system (max pressure): AUX 1 - single or double effect (l/min / bar)70 / 200
Auxiliary system (max pressure): AUX 2 - optional (l/min / bar)-
Auxiliary system (max pressure): AUX 3 - optional (l/min / bar)40/30 / 280
Travelling speed (AUTO TWO SPEED) (km/h)1st : 0 ÷ 2.6 / 2nd : 0 ÷ 4.5
Slew speed (rpm)10.5
Boom, dipper stick, bucket and turret swing2 pilot joysticks
Positioner two pieces boom-
Track movements (included counter rotation)2 pilot levers
Dozer bladepilot lever
Auxiliary system with latch AUX 1 (single or double effect)electroproportional switch on right joystick
Boom swingelectroproportional switch on left joystick
Transport weight with canopy (kg)-
Transport weight with cab (kg)4800
Operating weight with canopy ISO 6016 (kg)-
Operating weight with cab ISO 6016 (kg)4950
Fuel tank (l)75
Hydraulic oil tank (l)65
Hydraulic circuit capacity (l)85
Cooling system capacity (l)11
Engine oil (l)9.5



D-Series Mini-Excavators
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