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Everything we do is based on understanding your goals, challenges, and outlook on the future.
Our team of professionals tailors financial packages and solutions that match the unique needs of each and every customer.

Conserve Your Working Capital
With up to 100% financing available to approved applicants, your working capital can be conserved and retained for other investments and business improvements to increase productivity or to assist in the day to day expenses of running your business.

Protect Yourself Against Rate Rises
CNH Industrial Capital provides competitive interest rates, fixed for the duration of the contract. Feel certainty when budgeting by being immune to any subsequent rate rises.

No Early Payout Penalties
CNH Industrial Capital rewards you when you experience a better than anticipated year or a change in your circumstances. CNH Industrial Capital does not charge any early payout penalties.

Flexible Financial Options
Our finance products are world-class, offering you competitive rates, no early payout penalties, flexible deposit and repayment structures, and much more.

Loan & Goods MortgageCommercial Hire PurchaseFinance LeaseOperating Lease
Ownership during agreementCustomerFinancierFinancierFinancier
Ownership at end of agreementCustomerCustomerFinancierFinancier
GST tax credit on purchase priceCustomer claims on next BAS statement lodgementMay be claimable by the customer at the start of the agreementFinancierFinancier
GST on paymentsNoGST is payable on the interest and feesYesYes
Payments are tax deductibleNoNoYesYes
Interest & DepreciationYesYesNoNo
Off balance sheet accountingNoNoNoYes
General CommentsLarger deductions at outset reducing year by yearLarger deductions at outset reducing year by yearTax deductions equal to your payments each yearNo residual risk Tax deductions equal to your payments each year

This does not constitute financial or taxation advice, you should seek this advice from your financial or taxation advisor.

A One Stop Equipment & Finance Shop
Your local New Holland dealership gives you the easiest and best access to owning or leasing quality construction equipment.
Your dealer is not only an expert in New Holland equipment and trained to advise you on the most appropriate equipment for your needs, they can also offer you access to the most suitable type of finance to match your business needs.
For a finance quote or more information, simply contact your local New Holland dealership, or alternatively you can contact CNH Industrial Capital directly.

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