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New Holland wheel loaders deliver on every level: up to 20% more productivity, with optimized maintenance costs, they are easy to use and service is safe, quick and easy. More productivity, lower costs, more comfort and safety, less maintenance…  construction operations couldn’t ask for more from their wheel loader!

  1.  PRODUCTIVITY– The biggest payload
    Our unique design with the engine positioned at the rear increases stability dramatically, which means a bigger load in the bucket and more profit for our customers!

     The W230C is the only loader in its class available with a 4m3 bucket with 7.2 tons payload!

  2. RELIABILITY – Extreme heat and dust no obstacle
     Working conditions in Africa and Middle East can be very hot and dusty. Cooling effectiveness is critical for engine and transmission, and conventional cooling systems with overlapped radiators have their limits: they share heat instead of spreading it in the atmosphere. New Holland has the solution:
    The Cooling Box, where radiators form a cube and receive fresh air from every side.

  3. VISIBILITY – Precise operation and safety with the excellent all-round visibility provided by the ample glazed areas that extend all the way down to feet level. The very low rear hood and its curved shape, possible because of the rear position of the engine, further improve visibility.

    The conventional central position of the engine behind the cab has its limitations in term of accessibility: both the wheel and the radiators obstruct access to the engine compartment from ground level. New Holland has moved the engine to the back, so that you can access it faster with no obstacle and safely from ground level.

  5. LESS MAINTENANCE -The cooling box positioned behind the cab receives less dust since it’s far from the rear wheels. Another New Holland solution to reduce maintenance needs!


  • A huge market. One in four heavy machines sold in Africa are wheel loaders; in the Middle East, 30 per cent. Wheel loaders are the second largest product line in the total heavy equipment industry after crawler excavators: a huge opportunity, and New Holland wheel loaders are just right for these markets.
  • Mining is big in Africa. Over 30% of the world’s mineral reserves are in Africa and foreign investment in this business is massive. New Holland is ideally placed to conquer this market, with its full range of products for the mining industry and wheel loaders that perform particularly well in the dusty conditions typical of this industry, with their unique cooling system design.
  • Aggregates and construction in the Middle East. This is the segment with the highest demand for wheel loaders and the construction industry is booming, especially in Israel and Saudi Arabia. New Holland’s wide range of wheel loaders, together with its full product line, gives you everything you need to make the most of these opportunities.
  • A full range of top-notch wheel loaders. You are able to offer a broad offering of New Holland wheel loaders with a wide range of different configurations capable of matching the most varied customer needs. New Holland wheel loaders offer all the performance and reliability that will satisfy the most demanding customers.


    New Holland Construction raises profile at Bauma Africa show

Virtually all of the 14,700 visitors to the first Bauma Africa show, held in Johannesburg, South Africa in September, were greeted as they entered the exhibition grounds by a New Holland W130C wheel loader, placed at the main entrance of the Gallagher Center.
The biggest industry event for the sector in Africa with 754 exhibitors from 38 countries, the Bauma Africa entered the market with a bang, as its first edition attracted a huge public that far exceeded the organizers’ expectations.

MB Plant SA, New Holland Construction dealer in South Africa, made the most of this excellent    opportunity to raise the profile of our brand by placing the wheel loader right at the entrance of the exhibition center. In addition, they organized a shuttle service from their premises in Pomona to the fair in Midrand to facilitate the visit to our customers. “The exposure did us a lot of good and added substantially to our marketing endeavors” remarked Frank Reid, Managing Director of MB Plant SA “and we are looking forward to attending the next edition of Bauma Africa.”

Open House in Morocco for inauguration of new premises

Fenie Brossette, New Holland Construction distributor in Morocco held a press conference and a customer event for the inauguration of its brand new premises in Tit Mellil, Casablanca, last September. The new facilities include an impressive showroom, parts depot and workshops to support our customers in the territory. The press conference was widely covered in the National press and the inauguration event attracted the attendance of a large number of  guests who discovered the new facilities in a glamorous and festive atmosphere.

South African customers tour our manufacturing plants in Italy

In October, New Holland welcomed a team from South Africa dealer MB Plant and 9 customers in a tour of our Italian manufacturing plants. The delegation visited the New Holland Construction excavator plant in San Mauro and the impressive FPT Industrial engine facility in Turin, then travelled to Modena to visit the parts warehouse and on to visit our plant in Lecce, where our wheel loaders, crawler dozers, backhoe loaders and telehandlers are produced. The visit provided an excellent opportunity to get a better understanding of the specific needs of our South African customers and for them to see how their machines are produced.


The “Pinnacle Excellence Program”: Four ways to excel
A note from Franco Invernizzi
For New Holland Construction dealers, no task is more important than meeting – and exceeding – customer expectations. The new Pinnacle Excellence Program provides a clear path to this goal. It helps you position your dealership for future success by providing tools for measuring your current capabilities, for identifying gaps, and for developing and implementing needed business improvements.
The Pinnacle Excellence program looks at four key areas of your operation: Customer Excellence, Operational Excellence, People and Lead Excellence, Financial Excellence. It defines the best practices for each area to provide your dealership with a roadmap to excellence, giving you a competitive edge in a rapidly changing marketplace. It’s all part of providing the new level of services and capability today’s customer requires.
By achieving a minimum score you qualify your dealership to become “New Holland Construction Pinnacle”. In addition to the many benefits that come with Pinnacle status, you will receive a Pinnacle Excellence plaque for display in your dealership. You will also be able to leverage your recognized status as a dealer who excels into a tangible market advantage, with a dedicated bonus, tailored training programs, customized campaigns on spare parts, special events and more.

Reaching Pinnacle status in any of the four defined areas means a big commitment in time and resources. That’s why we give recognition and visibility to the dealer who reaches this target. When you reach Pinnacle status, you can be proud of your and your team’s achievement, knowing that you are at the forefront of development of New Holland Construction dealer capabilities. But most importantly, you will see your dealership succeed like never before in a high-stakes, high-potential sales environment. You will enjoy higher margins, better profitability, better competitive customer acquisition, and stronger customer retention.

Competence Monitoring Project & Tailored Training Path: Raising the Knowledge Bar
As part of the Competence Monitoring Project, this year we evaluated the level of knowledge of New Holland Construction dealers’ sales force. We would like to thank all salesmen who took part in this important initiative, which will enable us to fine-tune the commercial training programs for next year.
In fact, on the basis of the CM results, Unetversity - the New Holland Training Department – will launch a brand new initiative on the Web, the ‘Tailored Training Path’, that will enable each salesman to follow a training program designed to address any personal knowledge gaps, product by product: depending on the level of knowledge on each product line evaluated through the Competence Monitoring, the salesmen will be automatically enrolled in a Basic, Intermediate or Advanced Virtual Classroom.
The salesmen that will complete the program will be officially certified as ‘Professional New Holland Salesmen’!

And for the next year, the Competence Monitoring Project will involve the dealer technicians too, so that also on the Service side we will be able to tailor our training programs depending on their real needs with the common goal to raise the bar of our New Holland Construction Dealers Network, bringing both Sales and Service personnel to the top level.


On September the 30th, CNH Industrial made its debut on the New York and Milan Stock Exchange. The new Group, which resulted from the merger of CNH and Fiat Industrial, now fully owns each of its three main business areas: CNH for agricultural and construction equipment, IVECO for trucks and commercial vehicles, and FPT Industrial for powertrain technologies. This marked the launch of a major industrial enterprise, a global leader in capital goods with revenues of 26 billion Euro and a trading profit of more than 2 billion Euro. Each of the Group’s businesses is a leading player in its industry, with a very well balanced commercial and industrial global presence. The completion of the merger between CNH and Fiat Industrial has led to the full integration of all our activities, unleashing the full potential of the Group and multiplying the power of each business.



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