01 Aug 2013



New Holland graders deliver on all fronts: they can deal with the toughest conditions and the biggest jobs, they are economical to run, they will maximize your customers’ uptime and consistently deliver a massive performance, day after day, year after year. What more could your customers ask for?

  1. STRENGTH - Massive traction in all conditions with the New Holland designed powertrain, the powerful and fuel efficient FPT Industrial engine, the torque converter lock-up and robust axles, as well as the unique design with the cab located at the back of the machine, which results in optimal weight distribution for excellent traction.
  2. PRECISION – High productivity and controllability with the high precision hydraulic controls that enable smooth and precise operation.
  3. EFFICIENCY – High quality grading and power with the unique Roll Away mouldboard design, which leads the material to curl against the blade, resulting in better material mix and consequent more homogeneous spread; together with the central positioning of the moldboard, the design delivers more grading power, requires less effort to push the material with consequent lower fuel consumption.
  4. VISIBILITY – Precise operation and safety with the rear-mounted cab and ample 6.67 square metres of glazed surface, which provide exceptional visibility on the blades and ripper in all applications.
  5. RELIABILITY – “New Holland tough” build for a longer life with the exclusive “A-Frame” design that completely redistributes the efforts on the structure, even when working with the blade fully extended. The externally mounted ring pinion is virtually shock-free for longer operating life of the machine. The positioning of the front drive circle in front of the central circle protects it from shocks.
  6. COMFORT – Low stress and high safety in the spacious cab – the widest in the market. The cab mounted on the rear frame frame makes it easier for the operator to perform manoeuvres in reverse and check exactly how much the chassis is being articulated. This means total safety in operation
  7. SERVICEABILITY – More uptime and durability as all major components are easily accessible at ground level, allowing for faster routine maintenance operations as well as quick intervention when needed. The engine and oil radiators can be easily checked thank to the new “flip-up” engine hood. The outward orientation of the central circle teeth, made of hardox steel, makes them easier to clean and better protected.



With such an excellent product, there is no lack of opportunities in your market:

  • A New Holland grader for every need. You can provide the right grader for every customer, whatever sector they operate in: New Holland offers the most complete range, covering the needs of all segments in the African and Middle Eastern markets – in particular the key segments of road construction and public tenders, where the demand is highest.
  • High demand in infrastructural works. The African market for graders has been growing steadily, stabilizing in the past couple of years at a volume around 1200 units/year. In the Middle East, the trend has been stable at around 700 units/year. Graders are of primary importance in Africa and the Middle East, as it is a key piece of equipment in the big infrastructural works that are under way throughout the region. There are projects on a huge scale, like the Trans-African Highways network, which aims to address the lack of transport infrastructure that is slowing down the development of the continent’s economies. New Holland graders are ideal for this type of project and open the door for you to close big sales in this sector.
  • Advanced technology, high reliability and easy maintenance: these are the key benefits African and Middle Eastern customers appreciate in New Holland graders. These are strong, powerful machines that can deliver high productivity and reliability in all working conditions and bring customers a high return on their investment.
  • A successful three-model range. Each of the three models in the range has a place in the African and Middle Eastern markets, but today the F170B and F200B at the top of the range are the highest sellers, meeting the high demand of the bigger jobsites in road construction.

New Holland graders are everything you need to make the most of these big opportunities in the large scale infrastructure projects as well as all other industry segments: you can offer your customers choice, performance, and reliability.  Build on the excellent selling points of New Holland graders to grasp every single opportunity!

FACT BOX ​F140B F170B​ F200B​
​​Net Horsepower​104 kW/140 hp​​133 kW/w178 hp153 kW/205 hp​
​Operating weight​14,605 kg​15,517 kg17,210 kg​
Max operating weight​16,395 kg17,642 kg​19,265 kg​
Brochure downloadbrochurebrochure​brochure​





New Holland held a three-day training course at the Tana Engineering facility in Addis Abeba, Ethiopia. The training covered the technical features of New Holland’s latest products. The courses alternated classroom sessions with field walk arounds of a selection of models, driving impressions and sales training with role playing.
Participants appreciated the technical training, which highlighted the availability of a wider range of options in New Holland’s offering compared to local competition, which will give them a sales advantage. They found the sales training and driving impression very useful and expressed a desire for more. The all-round approach to technical and sales training successfully brought the sales team up to date on the latest technologies and selling techniques, to help them drive their sales up.


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