Graders F200B


Graders F200B




New Holland designed the power train of the F200B motor grader to overcome the harshest conditions, because the activities of earthmoving require robust machines with high power and a high traction capacity.
This set, perfectly integrated, offers great resistance, more durability, and especially a high working capacity.



This device automatically detects failures that may limit or prevent the proper
operation of the ECU.

Go Home allows only one gear to be engaged in each direction and within the appropriate speed limit for that gear.
This device is important because it allows the machine to be transported until the workshop, avoiding it from staying in an inadequate location.



The hydraulic system is of the Load and Flow Sensing type (load sensitive).
Therefore the pump only provides flow when the operator activates one
of the control levers.
When there is no hydraulic demand, the pump consumes a minimum power of the engine and the hydraulic system works more cooled, which reduces fuel consumption.

The F200.B grader is also equipped with a closed-centre hydraulic distributor with nine sections of circuits, situated in a protected location and below the operator platform.
This way it is possible to assemble new accessories without the need to add hydraulic sections to the distributor.



The ergonomics of the F200B grader positioned all the controls and buttons within the reach of the operator. The Electronic Data Monitor (EDM) monitors all of the vital functions of the equipment, enabling the operator to obtain reliable information on the operation of the machine.

The side panel has liquid crystal analogue displays that are easy to read such as the fuel level, temperatures, and motor oil and transmission pressures.



The new tipping hood of the F200B allows a wide access to the routine maintenances such as checking the oil level and the replacement of oil and air filters.
The level of hydraulic oil by optical display is easy to read.
The fuel reservoir nozzle is easily accessible, which allows the refuelling from the ground.

Engine power175 kW/234 hp
Operating weight17250 kg

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