Celebrating 120 years: See how our past is shaping our future


31 Mar 2015

Celebrating 120 years: See how our past is shaping our future

The decade spanning 1916-1925 was a busy one, with New Holland expanding its line of engines and groundbreaking developments by future partners Ford and Fiat. The 1917, Ford’s Model F was, to tractors, what the Model T was to automobiles, and it quickly replaced horses on many farms. One year later, Fiat introduced its first mass-produced tractor, the Model 702.

Nearly a century after Ford and Fiat revolutionized the farm equipment industry, New Holland continues that legacy with its award-winning ECOBlue™ HI-eSCR powertrain technology. While other manufacturers are simply meeting new standards for clean air combustion, New Holland’s ECOBlue™ HI-eSCR engines exceed those standards while offering a 10 percent fuel reduction and lower overall operating costs. See how this engine is even breaking world records!

At New Holland, innovation is driven by three goals: reducing the total cost of ownership for our customers, decreasing engine fuel consumption and maintaining low emissions. Future engines will become more efficient through friction reduction, smart auxiliary and finding new ways to recover heat and convert it into energy. The result is a smarter engine capable of tackling whatever challenges the future may hold.


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